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The Masters Program in Interaction Design at the College for Creative Studies has reproduced Gordon Pask's "Colloquy of Mobiles" in a full-scale, interactive replica. The image above is a simulation of how the installation will look at CCS in Detroit, Michigan. 

You can read about our progress-to-date in a series of blog posts starting here.

Colloquy of Mobiles, designed by Gordon Pask, was originally installed in the ground-breaking exhibition Cybernetic Serendipity at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London in 1968. The installation comprises sculptural figures that move and interact through light and sound, with each other and with the public. It explores the nature of machine-to-machine and person-to-machine conversations in an interactive, immersive environment.


Surprising and revolutionary in its day, Colloquy of Mobiles has influenced generations of artists and critics concerned with the role of technology in everyday life. It has never before been reproduced and the project has garnered attention and support from communities in the arts, media, design, and education.

Your donation will go toward reproducing the work as well as documenting and disseminating all of the project's outcomes, which we will share fully with communities of scholars and pratitioners, students and professionals, across the fields of technology, art, media, and cultural studies.

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