Paul Pangaro was Chair of MFA Interaction Design (IxD) at College for Creative Studies when he conceived the COLLOQUY 2018 Project as a result of a conversation with long-time collaborator Hugh Dubberly, now also advisor on to the Project. Paul manages the overall project and is responsible for funding and promotion. He is now at Carnegie Mellon.

TJ McLeish came onboard as master fabricator to design, to work closely with fabricators for the female mobiles based on his designs, & to assemble and install the full-scale version. Mike Evans and Dexter Slusarski taught MFA IxD Studio II: Internet of Things & Prototyping course, whose students developed the 1/6-scale model of Colloquy.

Paul led MFA IxD Studio IV: Interactive Immersive Experiences in collaboration with TJ, supporting students in extracting the interaction model of how Colloquy operated in 1968, as well as in conceiving new modes of interaction seen by the students as fitting to 2018.

Bruce McIntosh ran a workshop on the documentation process and has continued to inspire and guide our whole project.
Steve Stavropoulos graduated from the IxD program in 2017 and supported the development of the male models and was responsible for the video introduction to the project.



The students of MFA IxD Studio II: Internet of Things & Prototyping replicated a ⅙-scale model of Colloquy, constructing replicas of the male and female mobiles along with the supporting structures to hang and allow their rotation. Supporting structure was made of foam-core and female mobiles from papier-mâché molded from clay. Motors and sensors were added to simulate some of the interactive functioning.

Students of MFA IxD Studio IV: Interactive Immersive Experiences decoded available documentation to write a functional description of all the interactions of the mobiles. They also created concepts for a Colloquy 2018 version, at first keeping the same structures of the 1968 version and then extrapolating to novel participants and interaction scenarios.



Our project has benefited from exemplary advisors and their roles speak for themselves.

Amanda Pask Heitler and Hermione Pask, Gordon Pask’s daughters and executors of his scientific and artistic estate

Jasia Reichardt, Curator of the original Cybernetic Serendipity Exhibition at the ICA in 1968

Albert Müller (deceased), Curator of the Gordon Pask Archive, University of Vienna

Andrew Pickering, Author of “The Cybernetic Brain”

Guilherme Kujawski, Writer, Teacher, and Co-Curator of Emoção Art.ficial, ITAU Cultural

Marc Schwartz, Co-founder, DLECTRICITY

Karen Kornblum Berntsen, Designer and Teacher, Carnegie Mellon

Hugh Dubberly, Design Planner and Teacher

Vince Carducci, Media Critic and Dean of Undergraduate Affairs, CCS

John Plunkett, Designer and Co-founder, WiReD Magazine


Alicia Secord